About Us

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Our Mission

Our mission is to adhere to our commitment to bring constant innovation to our clients. Our service philosophy drives our momentum in leadership that conveys convenience, technology, and customer satisfaction.



Our commitment to the little details and going a step further influence the way we do business. We go the extra mile to ensure our service is superior to the rest. We listen and understand what is important to you, and your employees, and we strive constantly to meet your needs and exceed your expectation.

Our Core Values

Teamwork provides positive and extraordinary results for us. We believe that when the team works towards a collective goal, we will achieve a significant impact beyond the sum of our individual parts.

We aim to strengthen our bonds to build trust, respect, faith, and esteem. Our objective is to build meaningful relationships with our clients, business partners, suppliers, guests, and team members.

We do well because we depend on the core organizational elements, including increased transparency, listening, respect for others, solidarity in implementing major decisions, diversity, respect for rules, and mutual support, particularly in challenging times.

Who we are?

LG LUXE VENDING is a family-owned company based out of North Carolina. 

Why you’ll love partnering with us?

Our technicians and services representative keep machines stocked and maintained, bringing new meaning to full-service vending. We can provide the same great vending services no matter where you’re located!